Catamarans Charter

Catamarans Charter – Did you know that the word ‘catamaran’ comes from the Tamil kaṭṭumaram, and literally means ‘tied wood’?

Although the name comes from Tamil, the modern catamaran originally came from the South Pacific, where it was used by the Polynesians to colonise the distant islands of Oceania.

If you consider pleasure to be one of the higher objectives of human activity, a vacation aboard a catamaran is the right choice for you.

Relaxing while sailing around the coves and islands of the Adriatic aboard a catamaran represents hedonism in the true sense of the word.

Some of the features of modern charter catamarans are:

Abundance of space

When compared to sailing boats, catamarans offer more space for their passengers. The big salon, comfortable cabins, and spacious kitchen and cockpit are ideal for larger groups or more than one family. A vacation aboard a catamaran is also ideal for beginner sailors.

Greater manoeuvring possibilities

Catamarans have shallower draughts than sailing boats, which allows you to sail into shallow coves which are inaccessible to sailing boats. With their two hulls and engines, they also have greater manoeuvring possibilities when compared to sailing boats.

Crewed catamarans

On most catamarans, the crew’s cabins are separate in the front part of the hulls. They also have a separate entrance, which enables passengers to have more privacy.

The demand for catamarans is greater than the supply. Booking your sailing holiday early gives you the best price/catamaran model/sailing waters ratio.

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