Embarking and disembarking time

You must have the following documents upon checking in:

  • passports or other ID documents
  • the skipper must have a valid skipper’s licence.

Keep at hand:

  • Cash for paying for the transit log and end-cleaning (80-200 euros).

Generally these expenses are paid before boarding the yacht. However, it can be agreed to add this amount to the charter fee. Some charter bases include these costs in the charter fee.

  • Visitors tax

Adults pay 10.00 kuna per person per day (approximately 1,3 euro). For children between the ages of 12 and 18, the tax is 3.50 kuna per child per day (approximately 0.5 euros). Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the visitors tax.

  • Deposit

Before embarking, the charterer must pay a deposit in the national currency (kuna) in cash or by credit card. After disembarking, the whole deposit will be returned to the charterer unless damage has been caused to the vessel or equipment has been lost. In the case that equipment has been lost or damaged, the charter company will use the same amount from the deposit to cover the repair costs or buy replacement equipment. The deposit must be paid even if you charter a skippered yacht. In such cases, the deposit cannot be used to cover expenses caused by the skipper’ s negligence but only for the poor handling of the yacht or its equipment. Credit card slips are also accepted as deposits. Before embarking, please check the limits on the credit cards which you will use to pay the security deposit. In general, all charter companies accept MasterCard and Visa. Some charter bases do not accept American Express.

Embarking and disembarking time

The usual embarking time is Saturday from 5 pm. However, in most cases it is possible to embark from 3 pm. This depends on the work which needs to be done (cleaning, repairs) as a result of the state of the yacht after it has been returned by the previous charterers.

In general, disembarking is on Saturdays by 9 am. In most charter bases, it is necessary to spend Friday night at the departure port unless otherwise stated. In case a yacht is chartered for a period shorter than one week or a period in which the check-in or check-out do not occur on a Saturday, the exact embarking and disembarking time will be arranged separately.

Check-in and check-out procedure

After all the paperwork has been completed, the yacht can be delivered to the clients. It is generally possible for part of the crew to do the paperwork and for the skipper to take over the yacht from the charter base staff.

It is usual for the charter base staff to have an inventory list which they use to check the state and functioning of the yacht and its equipment.


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