About Us


About Us

We treat each of our guests individually, which is a guarantee of a complete vacation.

We are a family business established in 2004.
The ‘head’ of the family, Zoran, holds a degree in agriculture. He held various jobs but spent most of the time working in marketing. The ‘first lady’, Nina, studied English and German and has worked as a free lance translator and conference interpreter for many years. Our son Janko is now eight, and our five years old daughter Jana attends the Waldorf kindergarten Suncokret ("Sunflower") near Samobor.

Our vision entails the promotion of a lifestyle that favours the use of organic food and household articles, and vegetarian and macrobiotic diets. Apart from that we plan to develop programmes that will make full use of Croatia's potential as a destination for ethical and environmentally-friendly tourism. Croatia has been proclaimed a country worth visiting not just because of its natural beauty but also because of its special relationship with the environment and social development, as such being one of the best destinations for ethical tourism.

All photographs on our web pages were taken in Croatia. At this point we would like to thank the photographers Branka Dorčić, Bojan Bonifačić, Mateja Vrčković, Miljenko Hegedić and last but not least our dear friend Mladen Šćerbe.

Another step toward reaching our aim was establishing co-operation with several companies with many years of experience in yacht charters. Among the first such companies was Garant from Zagreb, whose sailing yachts are berthed in the Punat Marina on Krk along with our own "Jana". Since in the two years of charter business our guests have often shown interest in chartering yachts also in other parts of the Croatian Adriatic, we started working with the base Arga from Šibenik and Mare Charter from Primošten. With Morski pas from Novigrad we offer sailing school and exclusive cruises on crewed yachts. The company Waypoint with bases in Rovinj, Pula, Zadar, Trogir and Dubrovnik is our newest partner.

As part of our vision we craft our Macrocruise programmes with the aim of evoking the harmony between man and nature. Sailing gives you a unique opportunity to be conveyed by natural energy. Listening to the wind, managing this vital energy is a pleasure in and of itself. This becomes so much more apparent in the beautiful surroundings of the Croatian coastline and islands.

Macrocruise offers you the opportunity to become acquainted with the natural and cultural beauty of Croatia, at the same time contributing to the preservation of its environment and its social development. We treat each of our guests individually, which is a guarantee of a complete vacation.