New policy for bookings in 2021


New policy for bookings in 2021

In most cases, a client cancelling owing to the pandemic will receive a voucher

Macrocruise is the mediator between the service provider (charter operator) and the client who is chartering the vessel from the operator.

We have been implementing this business model since 2006. We compare the data from over 750 charter operators and give you access to the latest information on the conditions for chartering over 8,000 vessels all over the world via our booking platform. We believe that we cover around 90% of the international offer of charter vessels.   

Once we receive the client's payment, we forward it to the charter operator, that is, the service provider of accommodation aboard a vessel. In this way, we ensure security for both the client and the charter operator.

Cancellation policies depend on the policies of a given service provider – the charter operator. Macrocruise includes in its booking documentation the charter conditions from the operator and information on the current COVID 19 policy.

In most cases, a client cancelling owing to the pandemic will receive a voucher or the possibility of changing the dates of the cruise at no extra charge until the end of 2022. Valid reasons are closed borders or obligatory quarantine of at least 7 days upon return from the cruise. Some charter operators are willing to reimburse clients, but the client needs to pay an extra 7% of the total rental (minimum of € 350) at the time of booking as insurance.

You will receive all the necessary information in the course of the booking process.

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