Sailing yachts with 3 cabins


Sailing yachts with 3 cabins

They are most in demand in July and August, but demand is also steady pre-season and post-season.

Sailing yachts with 3 cabins are intended for family sailing or for groups up to 8 people. 

They are most in demand in July and August, but demand is also steady pre-season and post-season.

This group of vessels is the most numerous in our charter fleet. The reason for the popularity of 3-cabin vessels is their versatility and the favourable ratio between the price and number of beds.

If you wish to rent a vessel from this group, and if you are not seeking a particular model and the port of departure is not an issue for you, our recommendation would be to take the last-minute option, because in this way you can get the best prices.

The most frequent guests on these vessels are two families with children, three couples, or yachtsmen in pursuit of adrenalin.

On the lower deck there are three cabins, one or two WCs, a salon with kitchenette and dining room and skipper's desk.

The layout of rooms on the lower deck for certain models of yacht with 3 cabins:

 Yachts with 3 cabins can accommodate a maximum of 8 people. 

The deck equipment on these vessels mostly has cruising characteristics, simple steering, easy handling and a roll mainsail. The length of the vessels varies from 34 to 45 feet (10.5 metres to 13.5 metres).

Almost all the vessels have a steering wheel, though larger models have two steering wheels for the purpose of an easier transfer of luggage on board and easier steering.  

The best known models of 3-cabin vessels in our charter offer are: Bavaria 36, Bavaria 37 Cruiser, Bavaria 39 Cruiser, Bavaria 40 Cruiser, Oceanis 39, Oceanis 40, Sun Odyssey 24.2, Sun Odyssey 36i, Sun Odyssey 39i, Elan 33, Elan 344 Impresion, Elan 384 Impression, Elan 40, First 36.7, First 40.7, Dufour 36, Sun Odyssey 409, Dufour 412 etc.

Hanse 415

Yachts with 3 cabins Hanse 415 macrocruise charter


The price of renting a 3-cabin vessel in July and August is in the range of 1,500 to 3,500 euros, and in other months 750 to 3,000 euros. The large variations in price are the consequence of a large offer of 3-cabin vessels on the market. The price depends on the period, age and model of the vessel.

The prices include standard charter equipment: autopilot, GPS, VHF, rubber boat, speedometer, wind-gauge, CD player and bed linen.

For comfort and a good rental price, the optimum number is seven people on board, with one person sleeping in the salon. In that case, the price of renting such a boat during July and August is between 200 euros and 500 euros per person.

The price of a weekend package on 3-cabin vessels is in the range of 200 to 1,000 euros.

Good to know:

The price of renting a 3-cabin vessel in July and August: 1,500 to 3,500 euros

The price of renting a 3-cabin vessel in other months: 750 to 3,000 euros

The optimum number of people on board: 7

Price of renting per person:  110 to 500 euros

Price of an overnight stay in a marina:  40 to 85 euros

Price of an overnight stay in an organised anchorage or local harbour:  20 to 50 euros


Mandatory surcharge
In most charter bases, on boarding the vessel a fee for the transit log and final cleaning of the vessel, in the range of 80 to 150 euros, must be paid. In addition, before sailing out, a tourist tax of 7 kuna per person per day is paid. Children are exempt from the tourist tax.

Additional services 
Outboard motor, pets on board, additional sails, deposit insurance, safety net for children on board, the use of additional towels and other. In some cases, it is possible to reach an agreement which includes the outboard motor in the rental price.

Average costs of a week's stay on a vessel with 3 cabins in July and August:

Rent of vessel with 3 cabins: 1,800 euros (average price) 

Transit log and final cleaning:  100 euros (average price)

Outboard motor: no surcharge

Costs of overnight stay in marinas, small ports and anchorages : 170 euros (including, on average, 1 overnight stay in a marina, two overnight stays at an organised anchorage with buoys, 2 overnight stays at anchor, 1 overnight stay in a small harbour)

Expenses for fuel: 70 euros (on average)

TOTAL  2,070 euros for one week


Charter offer for a 3-cabin vessel

Note: the rental prices in the offer vary between minimum and maximum prices, depending on the rental length. Prices include all costs: rental, transit log and final cleaning. The prices of additional services are not included.

Your inquiry will go directly to the vessel owner, charter base or agency that advertised the vessel so that you can rely on getting the best offer. The vessels are ordered by make and alphabetically.


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