Yachts with 2 cabins


Yachts with 2 cabins

Yachts with 2 cabins are mostly fashioned for family sailing or smaller groups

They are in greatest demand in July and August. If you wish torent a boat in this period, it is recommended that you make your reservation by May at the latest. Last-minute arrangements are very uncertain, because boats with 2 cabins are the least represented in our charter fleet.

The reasons for this are the seasonal character of demand and the high price of all-year berths in marinas calculated by length in metres in relation to the income from chartering.

The most frequent guests on these yachts are single families with children or couples without children. In pre-season and post-season, they are also rented by smaller groups of yachtsmen.  
On the lower deck, they usually have two cabins, a WC, salon with kitchenette and dining room as well as a skipper's desk.

Yachts with two cabins can accommodate a maximum of six people.

The deck equipment on these yachts can vary. With sailing yachts, I would dare say that there is an even ratio of those with traditional mainsails and those with roll mainsails. The roll type is almost always Genoa, as is the case on other vessels.

The length of the boats varies between 27 and 34 feet (8 to 11 metres).

The smaller vessels mainly have a tiller and larger ones a steering wheel.

The best known models of 2-cabin vessels in our charter offer are: Bavaria 32, Bavaria 30 Cruiser, Bavaria 33 Cruiser, Oceanis 31, Oceanis 311, Sun Odyssey 29.2, Sun Odyssey 30i, Sun Odyssey 32i, Sun Odyssey 33i, Elan 31, Elan 333, Elan 340, First 31.

he price of renting 2-cabin vessels in July and August is in the range of 800 to 1,600 euros, and in other months from 500 to 1,200 euros. The price depends on the age and model of the vessel.  

These prices include the standard charter equipment: autopilot, GPS, VHF, rubber boat, speedometer, wind-gauge, CD player, bed linen, etc.

To get comfort at a good price, the optimal number of  people is 5. In this arrangement, one person sleeps in the salon. When renting such a vessel during July and August, the price per person is between 180 and 350 euros.

The price of a weekend package on 2-cabin vessels is in the range of 200 to 600 euros.

Good to know:

The price of renting a 2-cabin vessel in July and August:  

800 to 1,600 euros

The price of renting a 2-cabin vessel in other months:

 500 to 1,200 euros

The optimum number of people on board:


Price of renting per person:

 100 to 350 euros

Price of an overnight stay in a marina:

30 to 55 euros

Price of an overnight stay in an organised anchorage or local harbour:

15 to 30 euros

Mandatory surcharge: in most charter bases, at the moment of boarding the vessel an additional fee for transit log and final cleaning of the vessel is charged. It is in the range of 50 to 100 euros. In addition, before sailing out, a tourist tax of 7 kuna per person per day is charged; children are exempt from the tourist tax.

Additional services: outboard motor, pets on board, additional sails, deposit insurance, safety net for children on board, use of additional towels and other. In some cases, it is possible to reach an agreement including the outboard motor in the price of the rent.

Fees for daily berths in marinas are between 30 and 55 euros, and for anchorages with buoys between 15 and 30 euros.

Average costs of a week's stay on a yachts with 2 cabins in July and August:

Rent of vessel with 2 cabins 1,200 euros (average price) 
Transit log and final cleaning  80 euros (average price)
Outboard motor  no surcharge
Costs of overnight stay in marinas, small ports and anchorages 70 euros (including, on average, 1 overnight stay in a marina, two overnight stays at an organised anchorage with buoys, 2 overnight stays at anchor, 1 overnight stay in a small harbour)
Expenses for fuel  50 euros (on average)
TOTAL 1,400 euros for one week

Charter offer for a 2-cabin yachts

Note: the rental prices in the offer vary between minimum and maximum prices, depending on the rental length. Prices include all costs: rental, transit log and final cleaning. The prices of additional services are not included.

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